CEREPA a.s. provides both confidential and non-confidential document shredding. A business-based disposal system for documents, business contracts, discarded documents, accounting and tax documents, discarded archive material, etc., in accordance with ISO 9001, 14001.

Who we shred for:

  • state sector
  • private sector
  • physical personnel

Forms of shredding:

  • One-off shredding – we will work out a price offer based on the requirements of the client. Once the offer has been accepted, we will arrange an obligatory shredding date. The transportation is provided and covered by the company that requested the shredding. Once the shredding has been carried out, we will issue a report on the shredding and ecological disposal.
  • Regular shredding for the civil service and private companies with extensive registries or archives. By signing a general agreement, the shredding costs will be lower. Shredding dates and intervals are set individually according to the requirements and needs of the client. Upon each individual shredding, we will issue a report on the shredding and ecological disposal.

What do we shred?

  • Paper, both printed and non-printed, including paper clips and stitching wires
  • Office paper sheets, white and coloured
  • Boxes and cardboard

Lever sorters (guard-books), plastic euro-boards or office equipment with metal parts are not accepted.

How the shredding is carried out:

Immediately after its transportation to the shredding site, the material for shredding is first weighed, then placed directly from the vehicle onto a conveyor belt and transported into an HV 25 pulper. Here, technological water is mixed in and the material is pulped into individual fibres in a matter of minutes using milling elements (star-like rotor and stator). This process is completely irreversible, the documents (the inbound material) cannot be "reverted" to their original state in any way. The vehicle is once again weighed upon leaving the site and the weight difference is entered in the shredding and ecological disposal report.

Why use the shredding services of CEREPA?

  • Reduced document shredding costs
  • Shredding of unlimited amounts of documentation
  • Reduced direct costs of paper hygiene purchases via establishing a provider-customer relationship directly with the manufacturer while also factoring in the Environmental-Recycling "ER contribution" (applies for clients with a general contract)
  • Increased Eco codex for the company